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Lisa Stockdale, Ph.D.

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I am a licensed psychologist in the State of California with an office in Mission Viejo, California. I hold a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University.

My Background


I attended Biola University (B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Biblical Studies) and I later obtained a master’s degree at California State University, Fullerton (M.S. in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy). Then, I moved to Indiana to attend Purdue University’s doctorate program (Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology). It was a time filled with a lot of training in counseling psychology, research, and writing.

Research and Work

My research focused on my passion: relationships. I studied and wrote my dissertation on adult attachment and intimacy. What I found was that when it comes to relationships, our connection with our parents and caregivers growing up can influence the relationship we have with our loved ones as adults. If, for instance, we had a secure attachment with our mom and dad, that can impact our future relationships in very significant and positive ways. If our bond with our parents was on shaky ground, we’re going to notice some big challenges in our later relationships that we will have to overcome. I wanted to know, as a psychologist, how I could help individuals and couples overcome these major obstacles. It comes down to the emotional bond or connection we establish with one another. I learned how to help couples use even their toughest disagreements as an opportunity to build a stronger connection. During my graduate training, I worked in community clinics, university counseling centers, and a rotation working with fully certified Gottman therapists providing couples therapy. It is a research-based approach with proven techniques that I use with my clients today.

My Approach & Philosophy

My approach to psychotherapy is called Interpersonal Process. In this approach, the psychologist is not perceived as being removed. In fact, in order for therapy to work, it is critical to build a strong working alliance with the client. In other words, the two of us form a team. The therapeutic relationship we build together allows for collaboration and exploration which help to foster change.

If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty, Interpersonal Process acts as a bridge, bringing together elements I believe are necessary for therapy to work. With this approach, my framework allows me to engage in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic methods, and family systems.

Dr. Lisa’s Approach in Session

So, what does it mean for our time together? When we meet, I am going to connect with you, wherever you are at. I want you to feel safe and accepted—not judged. The therapy doesn’t work otherwise.

No matter what, you and I work together. In a sense, we’re teammates. I’ll never force anything on you. Many of the life-changing conclusions you’ll have will be your own. To tip my hand, I’ll use my training and experience to build a strategy that guides you to these places of growth. But the only way you can enjoy lasting change is if you fully believe in a new way of thinking that is going to take you there.

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