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If you’re a runner, you know how satisfying it can be to run on one of our beautiful trails on the Central Coast. It may not be easy, but it’s good. It’s the same with counseling.

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There is work involved, but the payoff is huge. Many clients look forward to our time together as one of the few places they can share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a private and nurturing place. I’m here to listen, and at the same time, provide the openness and honesty they need to face their challenges.

Here are some of the areas where I help individuals.


Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a safe place where you can work on your toughest issues. Therapy allows you to gain fresh insights, but it doesn’t end there.
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Anxiety CounselingMan with anxious thoughts

Do you struggle with anxiety? I list here some symptoms. I also share some of the ways clients can interrupt destructive cycles.
Learn more about anxiety counseling.

depressed-woman-thumb200Depression Counseling

Information you need to know about depression. Included is a list of symptoms and ways depression can be alleviated.
Learn more about depression counseling.


Anger Management

The advice that says, “The moment you get angry, count to 10,” is too little, too late. We’ll talk about how you can manage anger before the moment.
Learn more about anger management.


Career Counseling

Is your work just a job, or have you found your calling? In order to find fulfillment in your career, it’s vital to choose opportunities that line up with your values.
Learn more about career counseling.


Dr. Lisa’s Promise

I promise that our counseling sessions will be a safe place free from judgment. Whether you need individual counseling or couples counseling, I will meet you where you are at. I am committed to helping you experience greater connectedness and happiness in your life.

Dr. Lisa Neuenschwander

My approach is to work with you as a team to get to the heart of what you’re facing. With insights based on research, I want you to have the tools to succeed now and for years to come

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Clients Are Saying

“Going through the process and having her support changed the way I was thinking…I think everyone’s needs are different but I also think that Dr. Lisa is willing to meet people right where they are.” Read more…