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My goal for clients seeking career counseling is that they would find work they absolutely love. That means that the work they do is not only a good fit for their skills, but also for their personality and sense of purpose.

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I’ve worked with clients who see their job as drudgery. When Sunday night rolls around, they have a sick feeling in their stomach. By the middle of the week, they think, “Just two more days until Friday.”
If you are like most Americans, you will spend around 90,000 hours at work over your lifetime. That’s just way too much time to be miserable.

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What Happens in Career Counseling

In our counseling sessions, I show clients that there is a difference between a job and a calling. A job pays the bills. A calling is something much deeper. It has to do with the things that you are passionate about. If you try to ignore it, it has a way of continually nagging at you.

Many people let life happen to them. If they are offered a job with a good salary, they’re grateful to take it. They give little thought to whether it is a good fit. But before your life can be what you want it to be, you must tell it what to do. And to do that, you first have to take inventory of yourself.

The Career Counseling Differencearrow-and-archery-target

I help clients discover what is unique to them and only them. It has to do with finding opportunities that line up with their personality and their specific values. Like aiming a bow and arrow, it is important to gain mastery of the fundamentals before changing the trajectory of their career.

Those who have made the jump to the career that fits their passions will tell you their life has never been the same. Can you imagine waking up with a smile on your face, thinking about what you are going to work on that day? You look forward to it because it engages something in you that brings you joy. Whether it is Sunday night or Friday night, you have something to look forward to.

For those who take the career change plunge, not only are they happier, but they tend to have fewer sick days. There seems to be a connection between health and the level of exuberance they bring to work.

Career Counseling Strategy

You’ll be blazing a new trail, but you don’t have to burn bridges. Before you make your career change, we’ll build a plan together that you can work while still at your current job. This is a plan that is geared to work quickly because you are going to be doing what 90% of job-hunters don’t even think of doing. You’ll be side-stepping nearly all of your competition. And when you have little competition, you start seeing career opportunities that you aren’t even “qualified” for. Plus, you can work this plan while still at your current job.

It is not uncommon when using unconventional methods to receive multiple job offers at higher salaries. Some career-changers tell their employer they are leaving, and then the employer offers them a raise and a new opportunity. These are all very nice problems to have.

Admittedly, I didn’t invent these strategies to help you find your calling or your dream job. There are lots of terrific resources out there. I recommend What Color is Your Parachute by Richard N. Bolles  and 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller.

As helpful as those resources are, consider not going it alone. Life has a way of allowing things that are urgent to crowd out things that are important. Having someone to keep you accountable helps put you back in the driver’s seat. If you’re unhappy in your career, I want you to start seeing changes in a handful of weeks rather than years.


Dr. Lisa’s Promise

I promise that our counseling sessions will be a safe place free from judgment. Whether you need individual counseling or couples counseling, I will meet you where you are at. I am committed to helping you experience greater connectedness and happiness in your life.

Dr. Lisa Neuenschwander

My approach is to work with you as a team to get to the heart of what you’re facing. With insights based on research, I want you to have the tools to succeed now and for years to come.

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