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Individual Therapy

There is work involved, but the payoff is huge. Many clients look forward to our time together as one of the few places they can share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a private and nurturing place. I’m here to listen, and at the same time, provide the openness and honesty they need to face their challenges.


Anxiety can present itself in several ways. There are three broad categories where we will work to decrease your anxiety: emotional, physical, and cognitive (thoughts).


Depression is more than merely feeling sad. People who are depressed cannot just “shake it off.” Depression usually comes on gradually. There can be many different reasons. It can begin with a devastating or traumatic event. It can also occur in connection with having a physical illness. Often, depression and anxiety are intertwined. It can last as short as two weeks, or if untreated, as long as a lifetime.

Anger Management

We will work together to focus on anger management techniques that work best for you, helping you to develop new habits. When a situation arises that is beyond your control, you can still control how you respond. Recall the bomb analogy above. You will get to know your triggers so you can see them for what they are. You’ll also be equipped with ways to diffuse your anger before you do something you regret.

Post-Traumatic Stress

Have you ever experienced a traumatic event where you witnessed death or your own near death? Do you have intrusive memories and/or nightmares of the event? If so, you may be dealing with post-traumatic stress. I help clients completely process and make sense of these event.

Couples Therapy

Couples who see me for counseling won’t just learn new communication skills. Those can certainly help for a time. But stopping there addresses the symptom, while neglecting the problem. The result is that couples are likely to need to come back to counseling again later when a new symptom arises.

Sexual Intimacy

If you, as a couple, are struggling with sex in your marriage, you’re not alone. One of the biggest causes of fights in marriages is sex. I’ve helped many couples overcome problems they are experiencing so they can have a happier and healthier love life.

Couples Therapy for One

If your loved one is not ready for couples counseling, that’s okay. I’ve helped many individuals see positive changes in their romantic relationships by changing their own behavior. Once you start acting differently, the entire personality of your relationship changes. And those changes have ripple effects which can impact your loved one in surprising ways.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a therapeutic approach that equips couples to strengthen their emotional awareness, helping them interpret their experiences and deepen their connection. For many in a committed relationship, the love that they share can be mysterious, even elusive. Where once there was romance and tenderness, now their love bond is relegated to a back seat role in their lives. However, love doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Premarital Counseling

Many engaged couples have “surprise issues” waiting for them after they tie the knot. In premarital counseling, we discover what those areas are and what you can do about it.

Family Therapy

Whether it’s the entire family or just two or three members of the family, family therapy can help work out the kinks in a safe place. If you need your voice heard and would like a professional to manage how that will go, family therapy is the place for you.

Emotional Security

Family conflicts and problems will still happen, but they don’t have to possess the power to bring everything to a grinding halt. Home can be a safe place: a place where you are encouraged to freely share your needs, hopes, and dreams.

Will counseling work for Me?

It is my hope that you will have the best therapy experience possible. I want our counseling sessions together to be a time when we can collaborate. While it’s true that I can provide an understanding of human behavior, you are the expert on you.

To illustrate how this collaboration works, imagine, for a moment, a ball of string. In fact, it isn’t just one string, but many strings that are wound up in a giant knot. As we work together, it takes time, especially in the beginning, to begin unraveling that ball of string. We may be working on one issue in your life, and then find that is connected to something else that has been giving you trouble. So we follow that thread. The strings may feel like separate issues, but you’d be surprised at the ways they connect.

It isn’t always an easy process. But I believe that most of my clients have experienced a greater understanding of themselves because of therapy. More than that, they felt empowered to make significant and positive changes in their life.

What if I want to come to couples counseling, but my partner isn’t ready?

You can make big steps to begin improving your relationship without your partner coming with you to counseling. It’s actually pretty common for one partner to come see me when their loved one isn’t ready for therapy. There’s still quite a lot we can do. For one thing, I can help you gain a new perspective on the struggles you are going through. As you gain new insights on how you are connected to your loved one, you’ll start seeing new choices available to you.

If your partner is hesitant, but open to talking over the phone, I am happy to chat with them. The call is free, and there’s no obligation.

Do you work with children?

I work with adults age 18-118. For adolescents or younger children needing individual counseling, I have names of some terrific counselors who specialize in working with children.

I don’t like leaving voice mails. Dr. Lisa, if you’re not there, can I email or text?

Sure. Email or text me. If I am with a client, I won’t be able to get back immediately, but I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I get a break. No matter how you contact me, I will be the one getting it, and not a receptionist.

Can you schedule me for a specific day and time slot this week?

I will do my best to work with you to get you the time you prefer. Sometimes, due to demand, your first choice time slot may be in use by another client. Many of my clients started with a time slot that was their second choice, and then moved into their first choice time slot when it became available.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Life happens. And so do unexpected events. When I schedule a time with clients, I ask that if they wish to cancel their appointment, they give me 24 hours notice. It is not uncommon for there to be a waiting list of clients who are asking for a time slot. A 24 hour notice allows those waiting clients the opportunity to arrange for an appointment in a timely manner.

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